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Pregnancy can fill you with a mix of emotions, especially if it's not planned.

You may feel confusion, fear, excitement or just overwhelmed. Often our feelings drive our decisions.

We're here to listen to you concerns and offer emotional and practical support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Whatever your own thoughts and beliefs, we can offer:

  • A private space to talk things through confidentially
  • Reliable pregancy information
  • Life-affirming help to plan ahead
  • Links to local support rather than abortion
  • Support for anyone struggling after having an abortion

Here to Help

  • My Baby

    Find out about your baby, see amazing photos taken within the womb.

  • I'm Loved

    Understand that you and your baby are loved and that your lives are precious.

  • Abortion Education

    Get informed about abortion procedures. Make sure you know the facts.

We understand you might wish 'the problem' wasn't there... but every abortion ends a human life. We are here to listen and offer help.

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Your Life is Precious Too

Where can you find hope? Your life is precious too. Trust God to be with you on this journey. No matter what’s going on in your life, He has a purpose for you both.